Men’s Health Care

Men´s Fertility is often not discussed enough. Like for women, men´s fertility is also highly influenced by factors such as lifestyle and behavior. BirthDoc aims to provide a discrete way for men to get a better understanding of their fertility and a way to improve through scientifically proven methods and practices. Our mobile app can also be used by couples. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about man´s health care services provided by BirthDoc. If you have any other question or inquiry, please feel free to reach out to us.

Our algorithm is able to accurately predict men´s fertility scores and recommendations for improvement. If needed, BirthDoc also enables appointment booking with health care providers.

Yes, Birthdoc can connect the accounts of partners. This will allow you to share your progress on improving your fertility score. You can also choose to share your medical records or opt-out.

BirthDoc provides useful information to increase your understanding of pregnancy symptoms. We also provide guidelines for becoming fathers to allow you to take care of your partner in these exciting months.

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