We have strong values that we incorporate in every aspect of our activities:

  • Ethically ambitious: Our ethical commitments are continuous and tangible. We strive to be a company that raises the bar and makes its people proud.
  • Trust: We trust by default. This means assuming best intentions and giving people space and freedom from day one, not asking them to earn it.
  • Human first: We consider the whole human, beyond anyone’s goal or moment. Doing so helps us support each other, and our customers, more meaningfully.
  • Outwit and out grit: To create serious change, we have to dig deeper and think smarter. Grit, resilience, and creativity are the hallmarks of the underestimated.
  • Selfishly diverse: Embracing diversity is a moral duty, but it’s also smart. We want the full spectrum of talent in our team. Every perspective strengthens us.


birthdoc´s values are known and embraced throughout the whole team. it was clear to us from the beginning that any birthdoc partner also needs to uplift them and we are proud to be a part of the team. Lise pelle, birthdoc partner

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