Pregnancy Counselling

Whether it is the first pregnancy or the fifth, it is always a memorable and exciting experience. The symptoms and circumstances may differ. This is why it is important for every woman to receive high quality pregnancy counseling tailored to the her individual needs and wants.

Our BirthDoc Experts got you covered! Rather you have questions or concerns, we are available to chat via the BirthDoc App. We have also partnered up with highly qualified health care professionals that provide unique counseling throughout your pregnancy. Via our BirthDoc App, you can book appointments with just a few clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions regarding our pregnancy couselling services. If you have any other questions, please feel to reach out to us!

To offer you full care package, we have chosen experts from different areas such as nutritionists, gynecologists, and midwifes. A full list of all of our partners is available the BirthDoc App.

We know that pregnancy is exciting and challenging for both partners. Therefore, we offer resources and services to support men as well as women throughout the journey. Support groups, health care providers, and other caregivers are here to help.

Our algorithm suggests when and who to see for optimal support. Learn more about our App.

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