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Women´s Health Care is often poorly coordinated due to information silos between the health care provider and the patient. Furthermore, it is often not affordable and insufficient as there is a lack of data and information regarding topics such as infertility. BirthDoc aims to close the gaps by providing an all-in-one mobile app that allows providing fertility information, scores, and recommendations for improvement free of charge. We aim to be the foundation of an innovation cluster dedicated to women´s health.Our highly qualified team aims to collect population data to provide scientifically proven fertility scores and accompany each individual woman in her fertility journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions on our women´s health services. For any further questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us!

BirthDoc can provide you with scientifically proven fertility scores based on your age, location, medical history, weight, behavior, and lifestyle. This fertility score and resulting fertility scores can give you a better understanding of your fertility status. Our algorithm can provide you with recommendation to improve your fertility score and increase your chances to get pregnant. Our App can be used by women and men, making it ideal for couples.

We allow you to book your appointments with qualified health care providers in just a few clicks. Upon your appointment we allow for limitless communication between you and your healthcare provider. This enables unlimited medical follow-up, which allows to keep track of your journey.

The main reason why there is no innovation cluster dedicated to women´s health is because of the lack of information and data regarding this area. BirthDoc aims to demonstrate the need for an innovation cluster and provide the data necessary.

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